Create South Korea Apple ID Without Credit Card To Download Free Apps in South Korea App Store

Switch Apple ID Country/Region now. Ahead to Settings – iTunes & App Store – Tap your Apple ID – View Apple ID – Confirm Password – Country/Region – Tap Change Country or Region. The remaining steps are the same as the steps in this guide.

Apple changed rules again. we haven’t find the way to create South Korea Apple ID without credit card. But you can buy South Korea Apple ID.

Why do some people want to create South Korea Apple ID without credit card? South Korea music, drama, games and foods are famous in the world. So that millions of people would like to experience South Korea culture. For example, some guys want to test South Korea mobile games like Seven Knights. Some young people want to use Melon app to listen music or download songs. Many Apps in Korean iTunes store are not available in other countries’ iTunes store. So they want to create Korea Apple ID W/O credit card.


How Can We Register South Korea Apple ID Without Credit Card?

Whatever you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, create South Korea Apple ID is very easy. Here, I will show you how to register KR Apple ID without credit card now. The point is to install one free App, then choose to create Apple ID, enter personal info and Korea billing address. Let me show you step by step to register South Korea Apple ID W/O credit card on iPhone 7.

  1. Head over to “Settings“, Tap your Apple ID icon, “Sign Out“. Log out yourself Apple ID. Then  create New Apple ID.
  2. Select Korea as region. Tap Cancel to access South Korea iTunes Store (The step is very very very important)
  3. Choose one free App to install, choose create new Apple ID. Input email address, password and agree terms.
  4. Input your namesetting security questions, and enter birth date.

  1. You can see None option under Billing Information.
  2. Enter Billing Address. It mus be South Korea address. Refer to the picture, or type the info as below.

Surname: input whatever you want
First Name: input whatever you want
Province: Selected Seoul
City: Seoul
Postcode: 136-701 (don’t forget to input hyphen)
Address: Seongbuk-gu
Address: Anam-don
Phone: 82 | 3290 1114

  1. Then ahead to access email to check verification code. If you don’t receive the verify email, please double check spam box. Some guys do not receive email, I don’t know the reason. So highly recommend you to use Gmail.

*It is so easy to create second Apple ID. If you still can’t see None option. Please double check whether you have followed the steps above, if yes, you can get connected to Korea VPN to check again.

*If you still can’t pass through, you can get one Korean Apple ID from here.


I know many users want to create second Apple ID into Korea, Japan or other regions W/O credit card. The point is to enter postcode, address, phone number. Ask help from Google Map, you can find those info. If you still can’t create Korean iTunes Store/Apple ID successfully without credit card, welcome to leave a comment or buy from OBTGAME site.