How To Access LINE TV Taiwan and Thailand from Everywhere

LINE TV is only available to watch and access in Taiwan and Thailand. If you are living outside of Taiwan and Thailand, you will get error message as “SORRY, LINE TV IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY YET”. When you are living in Taiwan, you can watch online streaming on LINE TV Taiwan. So when you are in Thailand, watch online streaming on LINE TV Thai.

LINE TV is a online streaming platform launched by South Korea’s search engine services NAVER subsidiary LINE in Thailand and Taiwan, providing movies, TV series, cartoons, music videos and other media free broadcast. It is available on web, Android and iOS.

Whatever you want to watch LINE TV on mobile or PC, you should create LINE account first. So ahead to create LINE account first. BTW users can only register LINE account on LINE App.


How To Unblock LINE TV On Web, Android, iOS from Everywhere

Users can watch online video streaming and LINE TV LIVE on PCAndroid device, iPhoneiPad, and iPod. Because LINE TV is only available and access in Taiwan and Thailand, LINE TV Android App and iOS App is limited in Taiwan and Thailand Google Play Store and iTunes Store. Let me show you how to unblock LINE TV now on PC from everywhere.


Access LINE TV Taiwan and Thailand on Web from Anywhere

Visit LINE TV web to login your LINE account and watch movies, dramas, LIVE etc. Wherever you are, you can still access LINE TV Taiwan and Thailand on web without region locked. What you need to do is using VPN service to change IP address into Taiwan or Thailand.

  1. Make subscription to paid VPN service with unlimited traffic and bandwidth.
  2. Download VPN client for your PC. Install and run it
  3. Login your VPN account
  4. Choose Taiwan or Thailand VPN server to get connected, unlock LINE TV on web now



Get connected to Taiwan VPN or Thailand VPN on PC to access LINE TV Taiwan or Thailand now.


*If you still can’t pass through, you can get one Korean Apple ID from here.

Access LINE TV Taiwan and LINE TV Thai now.



Unlock LINE TV On Android and iOS Now

If you want to unblock LINE TV on Android, but you can’t download LINE TV App from your region Google Play store, download LINE TV Apk file now to watch LINE TV on Android from anywhere. If you want to get download LINE TV Apk from Google Play store, change google play store region into Taiwan or Thailand.

For iOS device, you should create Taiwan or Thailand Apple ID to install LINE TV App for iOS, please refer to the guidance on how to create South Korea Apple ID W/O Credit Card, just change the billing address and region into Taiwan or Thailand to create Taiwan/Thailand Apple ID W/O Credit Card. If you still can’t create TW/TH Apple ID by yourself, ahead to buy cheap Apple ID here.

After download and install LINE TV on Android and iOS, wherever you are, you can get connected to VPN into Taiwan or Thailand to unblock LINE TV on Android and iOS from anywhere.

You will get error message “Sorry, this video is not currently available in your area. We apologize for the inconvenience.”


Get connected to Taiwan VPN or Thailand VPN on Android or iOS to access LINE TV Taiwan and Thai from everywhere now.