Listen Music and Download Songs on Kugou Music Web/Client/App Outside China

Kugou Music is one of the most popular music players with strong function of music search and download. But it is not available to download and listen music online when you are living outside of China. So the question is how can we unblock Kugou Music outside China.

A large numbers of users are complaining the region restriction in its latest version on Google Play Store. The App got many 1 stars rating. Anyway, the App is very good for listening and download music. Especially, when you are looking for how to download and listen Chinese music.

Before I show you how to unblock Kugou music outside of China, let me show you how to download Kugou music first.

How To Download Kugou Music App/Client

If you just want to listen music online on PC, there is no need to download Kugou App/client. You can listen music online on Kugou website.Whatever you are using PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, just follow me to download Kugou Music App and client now.

Download Kugou Music for PC Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or later

Kugou PC client is compatible well with latest Windows version Windows 10. You can directly download Kugou Music latest client  from here to listen and download music on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Download Kugou Music App for Android, iPhone, iPad

For Android device, please download Kugou Music latest apk file for Android phone/tablet. You can also you download the App from Google Play store or other third part apk website.

For iPhone, there are two ways to download Kugou Music App for iPhone. If your iPhone is non jailbroken, download from iTunes store. If your iPhone is jailbroken, download Kugou Music App for jailbroken iPhone, maybe you should ahead to Settings – General -Denvice Management to trust the service when the App is not running as normal.

For iPad, download the App from iTunes store, but it is not compatible well with iPad. Kugou Music offers specific App for iPad, so you can download Kugou Musica iPad App file, then install and run it.

Download Kugou Music App for Mac OS X

Previously, I thought Kugou Music doesn’t offer client/App for Mac. I searched many web pages, and find it offers App/Client for Mac. But the App/Client was released in 2013. Also no updates since that time. It seems that Kugou Music had given up update client/App for Mac.You can check the official webpage for download client/App for Mac or directly download Kugou Music Client for Mac.

Use Kugou Music Web/App/Client Outside China

Kugou Music is one of online streaming music providers in China. The service is not available to use outside of China. So when you are not living in mainland China, you will get error message as “Sorry, the song/service is not available in your area/country because of copyright issue”. The solution is to get connect to mainland China VPN to get Chinese IP address to bypass the limitation. Many users are using the way to use Kugou Music in overseas.



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Unblock Kugou Music web/client/App from everywhere with China VPN. If you have get any questions on how to download Kugou Music App, or unblock it with VPN, welcome to leave comment.