How To Unblock AnimeLab Outisde Australia and New Zealand – Watch Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan With English Subtitles Online

Do you want to watch free Anime online with English subtitles on AnimeLab in United StatesUKCanada and elsewhere outside of New Zealand and Australia? AnimeLab is a video on demand (VOD) service that provides online streaming of anime series and simulcasts direct from Japan. But its service is only available in Australia and New Zealand. So when you are living outside of Australia and New Zealand and want to watch anime online on PC, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation, how can you unblock AnimeLab without region locked?

Watch Anime Online Free On AnimeLab from Everywhere

When you are living in United States, UK, Canada, Spain, or elsewhere outside of Australia and New Zealand, you will get error message as “AnimeLab is exclusive to Australia and New Zealand.”. So the fastest way to bypass the geoblocked is to get Australian or New Zealand IP address. How can you get Australia or New Zealand IP address in seconds? The solution is Australia or New Zealand VPN. So you can get connected on Australian or New Zealand VPN server on iPhone, iPad, PC, Android, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation, Apple TV to unblock AnimeLab from everywhere. Check the briefly steps as below.

  • Buy paid VPN service with Australian and New Zealand VPN servers. I recommend you to buy paid VPN if you want to watch Anime online with good experience
  • Install/Configure VPN on your device
  • Login your VPN account and get connected to Australia or New Zealand VPN server
  • Once got connected, your device will get the IP address you wanna. Then you can watch anime online free on AnimeLab from anywhere

Get connected to Australian or New Zealand VPN & Unblock AnimeLab now.

How To Install AnimeLab App on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android

AnimeLab is available to use on PC, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android. Because AnimeLab is only available in New Zealand and Australia. So the App is only available in Australian and New Zealand iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

For iPhone, iPad, Apple TV users, please switch Apple ID region to Australia or New Zealand country, or create Australian or New Zealand Apple ID W/O credit card to download AnimeLab App.

For Android users, you can change Google Play store country to Australia or New Zealand to download AnimeLab App from AU and NZ Google Play Store, or download AnimeLab apk file from third party website.



Watch Popular Anime Online Free with English Subtitles On AnimeLab

AnimeLab has free and premium version. The price of premium plan is AUD $6.95 per month, AUD $69.50 per year. You can watch anime online free with Ads. If you don’t want to watch Ads and watch anime without delay, order premium plan. Anyway, let us check popular anime on AnimeLab.

  • Death Note
  • Attack On Titan
  • Blue Exorcist
  • One Punch Man
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Tokyo Ghous
  • Fairy Tail
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Food Wars

Anyone who are looking for watching anime online free websites, AnimeLab is your choice.


AnimeLab is a good website/App to watch anime online free on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablets, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox One. Here, you can watch latest anime episodes online for free. The only disadvantage is AnimeLab’s region locked. So we can get connected to ExpressVPN to get Australian or New Zealand IP address to unblock AnimeLab on PC, mobile or other devices from anywhere.