How To Unblock Viki When You Get Error Message “Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region”

Do you want to watch Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese drama and movies on Viki without region locked? Viki is a video streaming website headquartered in San Francisco. Also its service is only available in United States. Viki has stated its service region in terms of use page. So when you are living outside of U.S., you will get error message as “Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region”, or “this video is ot available in your region”. Though some users bought Viki pass, which is not unable to unblock Vikis regionally unavailable content.

For instance, I am living in mainland China, I can’t watch any videos on Viki and the speed is very slowly. So I have to use USA VPN to unblock Viki and watch South Korea drama and movies with English subtitles outside of United States.

So follow me to bypass Viki country restriction on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac, router and so on.

  • Pick one VPN service provider with USA VPN
  • Install/Configure VPN on your device
  • Login your VPN account and password
  • Choose one USA VPN to get connected
  • watch videos are not available in your region on Viki from everywhere



I will show you how to unblock Viki on mobile (my iPhone 7) from China.

Firstly, install Viki from App store.

Run Viki App. Then you will get error message as “This video is either not available in your region or on this device. Become a QC and watch more videos”.


Secondly, get connected to USA VPN with VyprVPN.

Thirdly, unblock Viki now and watch Korea drama and movies from anywhere.


Viki is a good website to watch Korea, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese dramas and movies with English subtitles. So a large numbers of South Korea drama fans love to use Viki on mobile and PC. If you are living outside of United States, please use USA VPN to unblock Viki now.